A downloadable game

You Are A Spaceship, And You Have To Destroy The Other Spaceships To Conquer Space. 


  • 6 Enemies
  • Score / High Score
  • Money System

Final Release: December 31st 

Originally Made For The Tru 2D Game Jam Hosted By MinisterJay.

Update Log:

11/16/2017 - Shop Fixed. Text Fixed. For Some Reason The APK Was "Corrupted" So The Download Has Been Removed Until It's Fixed. Customization Is Planned Next. Then Fixing The Points System.

11/14/2017 - PC Version Is No Longer Supported. Android Is Now Supported. Removed Pause Button For The Meanwhile. Added A Better Tutorial. Still Have To Fix A Lot Of Text. Please Contact Me If You Encounter Any Bugs. (Shop Doesn't Work Either)

11/10/2017- The Shop, Money, Score, And A PAUSE BUTTON!

11/7/2017 - Advanced Enemies, Revised The Waves, Better Tutorial Menu.


Balancing Points. Customization

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